Expectations of Sportsmanship

Most fans know how to act when observing an athletic contest. However, some fans have attended too many professional games where they observe the inappropriate behavior of people and think that it is acceptable. Unacceptable behavior at high school sporting events would include: disrespectful or derogatory yells, chants, songs, or gestures, verbal heckling of an official, display of one’s temper over an official’s call, antagonistic calls or gestures toward the opposing team, use of profanity or displays of anger, threatening words or gestures directed at an official, coach, or team member.

—Please remember that a ticket to an athletic event is a privilege that you can purchase to observe a contest. Be supportive and understanding of your child and of the team on which he or she plays. The ticket you purchased is not a license to verbally assault others or to be obnoxious.