News · 2020-2021 Physical Exam Form

Click the link to download the 2020-2021 Physical Form

Please be sure to complete the entire form and have your student drop off at the Athletic Office.

High School Athletics:

Emergency Medical form goes to your coach along with Lindsay’s LawPages 6-7 of the PPE and Concussion paperwork can be read and agreed to through HERE.

Learwood Athletics:

All forms should be turned in to the Learwood office.

Helpful Hints

  • Be sure both parent and student sign the form in the appropriate areas.
  • Page 3 does not need to be completed unless your student has special needs.  If this does not apply to her/him, you do not need to include this blank page.
  • Make sure your health professional completes page 4,5 and DATES, SIGNS and STAMPS page 5.  The physical is not valid without a date, a signature and a stamp!
  • Have your student bring the completed physical to the Athletic Office (not their coach or the main office or the payment depository.)  We will verify that it is complete and valid.  If something is missing, we will give the student a reminder slip of what is still needed.  Please give your student the information needed and have THEM bring it  back to the Athletic Office.  Making the student responsible for their physical cuts down on this happening again and again.
  • Make a copy for your files!  Physicals are required for Minor Work Permits (so they can make some $$!)  Be sure you have a copy for records.
  • DON’T WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE!  The Athletic Office reopens at the end of July.  Physicals must be on file for your student to try out for a sport.  We share a Google list with all coaches so they can see the status of each athlete.  If your student brings it in at 3:00 PM for a 3:30 PM practice, we may not have time to include her/him on the list, plus coaches may not have access to the list on the field/court.  Getting this done early makes it easier for everyone!

Physicals are valid for one (1) calendar year.  Many insurance companies only allow one physical per year (to the date!) If you need a quick physical, many urgent care offices or CVS clinics perform these.

Let’s go Shoremen & Shoregals!  Stay healthy, stay strong!