News · New Student Seating Procedure for Grades K-8 at Varsity Football Games

Dear Parents/Guardians/Students,

Friday, September 20th will be our first home football game of the year against Westlake High School. We are excited to announce that we are implementing a new procedure on student seating that will provide grades 5-8 an up-close view of the games.

In order to enhance safety and spectator enjoyment, the following procedures have been implemented for all home varsity football games:

  1. All elementary students (K-4) must be accompanied by a parent in order to enter the stadium.
  2. All elementary students (K-4) will sit with their parents in the home bleachers.
  3. Students must remain in the bleachers during the game.
  4. Students in grades 5-8 will sit in the bleachers (The Pier) in the west end zone. Students must remain in the bleachers during the game. The 5-8 student section, as a group, will be released to use the restroom and go to the concession stand during half time. Administrators and staff will be present to oversee The Pier.
  5. Students in grades 9-12 will sit in the normal student section on the northeast side of the stadium.
  6. Please be reminded that backpacks, outside food/drinks, footballs, soccer balls, etc.…, are not allowed to be brought into the stadium.  Also, the OHSAA does not allow artificial noise makers at games.

Students who fail to comply with these requests will be escorted to their parents and asked to remain under their parents’ supervision. If a parent is not in attendance, that parent will be called and asked to take the student home. Any violations of the rules and regulations as set forth by the district administration could result in being escorted from the stadium and possible forfeiture to attend future stadium events.

Student attendance at sporting events is an important element to promoting school spirit. It is our hope that students sitting in the bleachers will cheer and support the cheerleaders, band, and athletes on Friday nights. We appreciate your understanding and assistance as these actions are intended to ensure the safety and the enjoyment of the evening for all spectators.